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Bosch HVAC Equipment

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Bosch Heating and Air Conditioning Systems Installer

When it’s time to replace your heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment, we know you will want reliable and efficient equipment. TMC Heating & Cooling offers top-of-the-line Bosch HVAC Equipment. You can count on Bosch heating and cooling equipment to work optimally for years, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Giving you more for less

Bosch HVAC Equipment is designed with the latest energy-saving technologies, with up to 96% AFUE heating efficiency. This helps you reduce energy consumption, and lower your utility bills - a significant benefit. Ask us about Bosch’s generous warranties!

Premium Indoor Comfort Assured

Scorching summers and chilly winters are no match for a Bosch advanced HVAC system. Bosch systems provide consistent indoor temperature, and unparalleled indoor comfort. And, these HVAC units are some of the quietest systems available, so they won’t interrupt your sleep, or disturb your neighbors.

Smart Technology For Added Convenience

Bosch integrates smart technology into their HVAC systems. You can adjust the temperature, set schedules, monitor energy usage, and turn the system on / off from anywhere, with your smartphone or tablet.

Why Choose Bosch HVAC Equipment

Bosch HVAC Equipment

• Energy Efficiency: Bosch HVAC equipment is designed to be highly energy-efficient, helping you save on utility bills while reducing your environmental footprint.

• Reliability: You can rely on Bosch HVAC systems for consistent performance, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

• Advanced Technology: Bosch incorporates cutting-edge technology in its HVAC equipment, offering features like smart thermostats, remote control, and advanced air purification systems.

• Quiet Operation: Bosch systems are designed for quiet operation, minimizing disruptions and providing a peaceful living space.

• Optimal Comfort: Bosch HVAC equipment delivers precise temperature and humidity control, creating a comfortable indoor environment tailored to your preferences.

• Longevity: Bosch systems are built with durability in mind and engineered to have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

• Easy Maintenance: Bosch equipment is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and user-friendly interfaces. This reduces downtime and service costs.

• Customization: Bosch offers a range of options to suit your individual needs, including various sizes, configurations, and efficiency levels.

• Better Indoor Air Quality: Bosch HVAC equipment includes advanced air filtration and purification options, ensuring healthier indoor air quality.

• Warranty: Bosch provides strong warranty coverage for its HVAC equipment, giving customers peace of mind and protecting their investment.

• User-Friendly: Bosch HVAC systems are designed to be easy to operate and control.

• Smart Home Integration: Many Bosch HVAC products are compatible with smart home systems, allowing customers to integrate them into their connected homes seamlessly.

• Reduced Operating Costs: The energy efficiency and advanced technology of Bosch HVAC equipment contribute to lower operating costs over time.

Bosch Inverter Ducted Packaged Systems

The Bosch Inverter Ducted Packaged Family features all of the benefits of the Bosch Inverter Ducted Split systems, in a single package. Each system in the Inverter Ducted Packaged family delivers premium comfort and performance by adjusting compressor capacity rather than a simple on/off control like other traditional units. This customizable feature allows you to remain comfortable while still reducing operating costs. The IDP system works seamlessly with your thermostat to automatically adjust to your preferences. Plus, integrated sound dampening features reduce operating noise significantly.

Bosch IDP Premium

If you’re looking for maximum energy rebates and substantial energy savings, Bosch IDP Premium is the way to go. Its inverter compressor operates at speeds ranging from 36% to 118%, modulating in 1% increments.

Bosch Inverter Ducted Split Systems

The Bosch Inverter Ducted Split Systems redefine comfort with their ability to adjust compressor capacity, rather than using a simple on/off control like other units. This not only reduces operating costs but also puts money back in your pocket. Plus, these systems offer enhanced humidity control and higher efficiency, delivering maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption.

Bosch IDS Light

Introducing Bosch IDS Light, the first 15-SEER Inverter condenser available on the market. It provides the comfort of our inverter system at an affordable price point. This system combines the standard efficiency BOVA15 outdoor unit with the reliable BVA15 fixed-speed air handler.

Bosch IDS Plus

The Bosch IDS Plus, our most popular system, strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and comfort, all while being cost-effective. This system pairs the efficient and dependable BOVB18 outdoor unit with the exceptional BVA20 two-stage constant torque ECM-style air handler.

Bosch IDS Plus

For those seeking top-tier efficiency, Bosch IDS Premium, combining our highest-rated BOVA20 outdoor unit with the exceptional BVA20 two-stage constant torque ECM-style air handler.

Bosch IDS Plus

The Bosch IDS Premium Connected system takes efficiency a step further by offering wireless connectivity. With the Bosch EasyAir app, you can easily register your product, simplify installation and troubleshooting, and remotely monitor energy usage and receive critical alerts.

Why choose TMC Heating & Cooling?

guaranteed hvac repair


We respect you and your property. We plan ahead to minimize trips in and out of your home. We cover your floors, and wear shoe covers while working inside your home. And to many of our customer’s surprise, we clean up any mess that removing your old equipment and installing your HVAC equipment creates.

Quality finish

The industry norm may be to “cut corners” and put speed ahead of all else, to reduce labor costs. At TMC Heataing & Cooling, we believe we can do better than “the norm” for our customers. We believe in striving for perfection, even when it takes us a little more time.

No Surprises

We take the time to determine the specific heating and cooling needs of your home, and explain how we determined what equipment will suit your needs best. We also take the time to explain the installation process, so there are no surprises.

Paperwork Handled

We also help you with all the paperwork like filing permits, submitting rebate forms, and, if required, completing warranty registration forms for you. We’re also there to make sure the inspections go smoothly.

Doing the job right takes not only training and experience, but also the desire to strive for perfection. That’s what you get when you choose TMC Heating & Cooling for your new HVAC System installation.

We Put Customers First

We believe your HVAC equipment investment should be met with unwavering protection. By offering you an optional 10-year labor warranty, alongside the existing 10-year parts warranty, we help you to secure your HVAC system for the long haul.

From AC installations to heater setups, we’re here to ensure your Modesto, CA, home remains a haven of comfort with properly installed industry-leading products.

Our Guarantees!

TMC's No Burn Guarantee

TMC Heating & Cooling offers a “No Burn” Guarantee. This means the price you see on the estimate, is the price you pay. We are not going to come back to you in the middle of the installation process, to tell you we missed something, and that it is going to cost you more to finish the job.

Guraranteed Satisfaction

guaranteed hvac repair

We double check connections, fittings, refrigerant level, and air flow before considering the job done. We do this because we know that the extra time we invest in double checking our work insures that your system will work better, and give you fewer problems down the road. This is why we can guarantee your satisfaction!

TMC Heating & Cooling’s Warranty Options

Secure Your HVAC Investment

When it comes to ensuring your home’s comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency through top-notch HVAC systems, TMC Heating & Cooling stands as a trusted HVAC Installer in Modesto, CA. Beyond providing industry-leading HVAC products, we go the extra mile to safeguard your investment with robust warranty coverage. Our commitment extends beyond standard offerings – we offer you the opportunity to enhance your warranty package by adding a 10-year labor warranty alongside the 10-year parts warranty.

Understanding HVAC Equipment Warranties

Investing in quality HVAC products is an investment in your home’s long-term comfort. Our HVAC products come with a standard 10-year parts limited warranty, offering you peace of mind for a decade. This warranty is automatically registered in California once your equipment is purchased. Certain parts within your HVAC system may have varying standard warranty periods depending on the specific model and components.

The Value Of The 10-Year Labor Warranty

While the standard parts warranty provides a strong foundation of protection, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential labor costs associated with HVAC equipment repairs. Repairing HVAC systems can incur labor costs ranging from $100 to $1000 or more. That’s where our optional 10-year labor warranty comes into play, offering you extra coverage beyond traditional warranties.

Comprehensive Warranty Details

The combined coverage of our 10-year parts and optional 10-year labor warranty creates a comprehensive shield for your HVAC investment. You gain peace of mind knowing that components and labor are safeguarded for an extended period. You’re covered whether it’s a critical part replacement or intricate labor-related repairs.

How to Access Your Warranty Details

Your HVAC warranty details, including specific terms and conditions, can be found in your product documentation. Additionally, you can access and download the warranty documentation if your product model is listed on the manufacturer’s website. TMC Heating & Cooling is here to assist you in understanding the ins and outs of your warranty coverage.

Unlocking Extended Peace of Mind

The HVAC industry can be complex, and we understand that navigating warranties might feel overwhelming. Our commitment to transparency and exceptional customer service means we're always here to assist you. If you have questions about our extended warranty options, don’t hesitate to contact TMC Heating & Cooling directly. We’re more than just a heating and cooling provider – we’re your comfort partners.


TMC Heating & Cooling believes your home comfort investment should be met with unwavering protection. By offering an optional 10-year labor warranty alongside the existing 10-year parts warranty, we empower you to secure your HVAC system for the long haul. From AC installations to heater setups, we’re here to ensure your Modesto, CA, home remains a haven of comfort, backed by industry-leading products and comprehensive warranties.

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