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As a business owner, you know that when your customers are uncomfortable inside your business, they are not going to stay as long as they would otherwise. Most business owners understand the importance that heating and air conditioning systems play in keeping customers comfortable. Extreme heat or cold can also affect employee productivity! However, many times when we first meet a new customer, they tell us that they want the lowest price, to repair one of the most important parts of their business.

What we’ve found is that they really want the lowest cost over time, NOT the lowest price today. Think about it, there is a correct way to fix something and then there’s the wrong way. Some, less than professional, HVAC repair people may simply cut a wire that is part of a safety system in order to get a heating or cooling system going again, and only charge a nominal fee. (The cheap approach.)

But, what happens when bypassing that safety protocol causes a motor to overheat, requiring it’s replacement? Or worse when the overheated motor catches on fire, causing damage to the building?

As you know, there are four types of damage whenever there is a fire in your building. 1) Fire damage to the structure, 2) Smoke damage to the structure and the contents inside, 3) Water damage from the process of putting out the fire, and 4) Financial damage from your business being closed for repairs.

With that in mind, which is best for you, really?

  • A) fixing it correctly and safely, or
  • B) cutting corners and risking the most undesirable of outcomes.

It’s clear to see why our customers want their HVAC equipment properly maintained and correctly repaired, to avoid such situations. The best way to keep your costs down, is with a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program. (see below)

TMC's Fire And Ice Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

We consider our Fire & Ice Maintenance Program to be one of the best Commercial HVAC Maintenance programs available today, based on reliability, professionalism and cost/benefit ratio. Here’s a list of some of the benefits that our customers appreciate most:

No surprises - multiple service calls per year allow us to give you an update on the “health” of your heating and cooling systems, so you can budget for possible future failures before they happen.

Lower operating costs - our service calls include a 21 point inspection, plus we clean and lubricate the equipment to help it run more efficiently, and last longer.

Better Indoor Air Quality - our service calls include replacement air filters which keeps your indoor air cleaner, and helps the system to operate more efficiently.

Additional Savings - Plan members enjoy a 20% discount on repairs and 5% off our already competitive system replacement prices.

Faster Response - Our VIP commercial customers get front of line scheduling, and emergency HVAC repair services that are not available to non-members.

Guaranteed Quotes - The price we quote you to fix your heating or air conditioning is the price you pay - guaranteed! We will never come back to you to ask for more money because we missed something in our original assessment.

Extended Warranty - Commercial Maintenance Plan members automatically get an extended warranty on all HVAC repairs. Ask for details.

Commercial HVAC Repair

In most service industries there’s always some fear from customers about getting taking advantage of. In fact, if you don’t have a story about a horrible experience, somebody you know probably does.

This is where TMC Heating & Cooling separates ourselves from the rest. We guarantee our repair quotes because we take the time necessary to do a thorough diagnosis of the problems with your heating and cooling system. If you get a second opinion and they find a way to get the unit running properly and safely without the part or parts we suggested, we will refund your diagnostic fee without hesitation.

Our goal is to keep our customers and your customers comfortable. We repair most light commercial equipment and if our diagnostic fee warranty wasn’t enough we have a 1 year warranty on the replaced part as well (2 years for maintenance plan members)! If you’re looking for a quality, trust worthy company to do the job right, give us a call!

We Do The Job Right

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Commercial HVAC Replacement

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

Eventually no matter how well a piece of equipment is maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced. On our evaluation of your system needs, we always make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

We understand you want HVAC equipment that is reliable, correctly installed, and cost effective to operate. Our Commercial HVAC replacement systems are built to satisfy your business’ unique needs. We offer all the same warranties as the bigger HVAC companies, and usually at a better price, without a bunch of “hoops” to jump through. You can be sure you’re going to get a great system from TMC Heating & Cooling, because We Guarantee It!

Our Goal Is Your Complete Satisfaction

Whether you need routine HVAC maintenance or for a full-scale heating, cooling and ventilation system designed and built, we want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. We offer complete transparency for our residential and commercial clients. You will feel entirely comfortable, because you will know exactly what you’re getting. We’re here to help - (209) 566-9247!

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TMC Heating & Cooling provides A/C Repair Services, A/C Replacement, Air Purification, Ductless Mini Split Systems, Ductwork Replacement, Heater Repair, Heater Replacement, HVAC System Repair Services, HVAC System Replacement, Residential HVAC Maintenance, and Whole House Fans.

Get a guaranteed quote you can count on, from the area’s #1 Trusted HVAC Contractor — TMC Heating & Cooling. Just call (209) 566-9247.

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