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TMC Heating & Cooling is a QuietCool Authorized Dealer. QuietCool is the revolutionary whole house fan, built in California, that has taken America by storm. Home owners across America have experienced significant savings when using their QuietCool Whole House Fan in place of their home’s A/C system.

QuietCool whole house fans allow you to cool your home to a comfortable temperature for just pennies an hour, which is dramatically less than a typical central cooling system.

QuietCool whole house fans are very quiet, you’ll barely be able to hear it at all! When it is cooler outside than in, the QuietCool whole house fan will replace all of the hot air in your home, with cooler outside air a matter of minutes. This cools your home and it removes trapped odors, and indoor pollutants.

QuietCool whole house fans have over 98% customer satisfaction rating, and we’re confident that you’ll love the difference it will make for you and your home! We see extreme temperatures here in the valley, sometimes over 100 degrees for days on end. Many are afraid to turn off their A/C because it can be difficult to get the house cooled down before bedtime. Having a whole house fan will make a huge difference and save you money!

Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Quiet Cool Whole House Fan Quiet Cool 15 Year Warranty Quiet Cool Fans Are Built In The USA
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Whole House Fan Benefits

  • QuietCool whole house fans can save up to 50-90% on your A/C related costs.
  • A QuietCool Whole House Fan helps limit your Air Conditioning usage to the hottest parts of the day. Any time it is cooler outside than inside, run your QuietCool system instead to save energy!
  • QuietCool whole house fans are as quiet as an A/C Return!
  • You can run your QuietCool fan for hours at a time, even while you are sleeping.
  • All of our units fit 16” or 24” on center which requires no joist cutting in the attic.
  • Pro Series fans (Trident Pro & Stealth Pro) each come with an industry leading 15-year motor warranty.
Whole House Fan Airflow Example

How it Works

When a whole house fan is turned on, the fan will pull the outdoor air into your home, through opened windows, across your living space, and out the attic vents. The cooler outside air being pulled in cools the interior of your home and your attic by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Opening windows just 3 to 6" in the rooms that you want to cool is all that is needed to create a cooling breeze inside your home. If you have questions just give us a call at (209) 566-9247.

Attic Fans

Quiet Cool Attic Mounted Whole House Fan

An attic fan helps cool your attic by pulling in cooler outside air through your attic vents, and pushing the hotter air out. The QuietCool attic fans are designed to keep the attic air temperature within 10° of the outside air.

Here in the central valley, your attic can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees! What that means is, when it’s a 100° outside, your QuietCool attic fan will keep your attic temperature about 110°, instead of 150°. Without all that extreme heat in your attic, bearing down on your ceiling, your A/C will have an easier job of keeping you cool inside.

When you have both a QuietCool Whole House Fan, and a QuietCool Smart Attic Fan, you’re on your way to cutting your A/C usage in half! This is one home improvement that pays for itself!

What The Experts Say

American Medical Association logo

The American Medical Association reports that indoor air pollution is directly responsible for as much as 1/3 of our national health bill.

American Lung Association logo

The American Lung Association found that even months after a pet leaves a home, allergens may remain in dust causing asthma and allergies.

Pacific Gas And Electric Company logo

Pacific Gas And Electric Company found that whole house fans use up to 90% less energy than compressor-based air conditioners.

Environmental Protection Agency logo

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air pollution may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in major metropolitan, smoggy cities.

Department of Energy logo

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that installing a whole house fan is the most cost-efficient way to cool your home.

University of California Los Angeles logo

The University of California at Los Angeles found, in alternative homes, whole house fans essentially eliminated an air conditioner in 10 of the 16 California climate zones.

TMC Heating & Cooling is a Quiet Cool Authorized Installer

Call today to find out how much you can save with house & attic fans installed in your home. We’re here to help with selecting the right model, and correct installation. Call (209) 566-9247 today!

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